Do nonhuman animal have a mind that generate diseases? How does it work?


One of the keys to making a great reiki in animals is to address it devoid of the mistaken thought that we, human animals are a more evolved species.


We love so much of another being that when the time comes for his passing, of his return to the true life, we suffer. How to deal with it and go through?


The umbilical chakra is related to the joy of living, desires, creativity and energizes some organs like ovaries, testicles and uterus. When we are sad do animals absorb this energy?


What is the energetic relationship of animals with us? Do they get sick for absorbing our energy? In this text I address the questions about the root chakra.


First text of the series on the subject "Animals absorb our energy, they can get sick and in what form this occurs". Learn more in the text. =)


What are chakras, their functions and how they influence our health and life.

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