Helping your animal with holistic therapies

Many animals today that live with us have one of these abnormal behaviors:

  • anxiety

  • fear

  • stress

  • aggressiveness

  • carência ?

  • separation anxiety

We also realize that physical imbalances and diseases are related to these behavioral patterns and energy imbalances.

This is because the cause is not physical, it is mental, emotional and energetic.


Reiki is transmitted to the patient mainly by the hands and consists of transmitting Universal Energy, channeled by the practitioner.

There are several scientific studies demonstrating its effects and its use is increasing among veterinarians and hospitals.


ThetaHealing® works by identifying the negative beliefs and standards that hinder and limit the healing process and a healthy and balanced life.

It is composed of many techniques, this being one of the pillars.


All of these therapies can also be applied to people and we also have team members who serve the caretaker, so we offer holistic, complete and effective care because we know that they also absorb our energy, mental and emotional standards.


We are extremely happy to accomplish our mission, which is to work with therapies that act in the cause and make a difference to the animals and their caretakers.


We are constantly improving as professionals and human beings to provide the best for them, for you and for the world.


Holistic veterinarian and master in Reiki, attends and teaches Reiki, ThetaHealing and Flower Essences seminars.
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Love, good energy and affection

for you and your partner