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Do nonhuman animals have a mind that generate diseases?

Sometimes I hear questions like do animals have negative beliefs and fears like us?

They have a mind that can give a negative meaning to a neutral fact, generating a negative emotion and a negative imbalance in the energy flow, where, depending on the location of this imbalance, generate a physical imbalance, due to the location of an energy chakra responsible for this organ and then generate what we call disease?

This process is what happens to us human animals, but is it the same and the same with them?

That is the question.

Are they pure beings who are not afraid or is the process the same?

The technique of Animal Communication between Consciousness brings all the answers to this, but we do not even need to resort to it, just look at a very common case that occurs in our own home or we know of a friend or family that goes through it:

The guardian leaves the house for part of the day and the dog or cat is so afraid of being abandoned that they become anxious, stressed out and do nothing until the guardian returns or at its extreme, so much stress, anxiety and fear begin to hurt itself.

What happens here:

Normally these dogs or cats have been rescued from the street or shelter and have had a previous abandonment / rejection or come from a mother or father of their kind who have experienced this, ie a genetic belief.

When already in a new family that loves him, when this human needs to leave is the necessary trigger for a fear, often coming from the unconscious, that they will go through that sensation and feeling will happen again.

It's the same with us, isn't it?

A relationship that didn't work out. When we are in a new relationship, a small trigger makes us afraid that what happened before will happen again and we will be rejected.

This alone explains the presence of a nonhuman mind in animals that processes a neutral event and gives it a good or bad meaning, just as we do.

But there is an important point prior to this, the presence of a Spiritual Consciousness in nonhuman animals, quantum creating a mind that contextualizes everything.

In an upcoming publication I will talk about how Quantum Physics and Mechanics explain the existence of a Spiritual Consciousness experiencing and manifesting in what we know as non-human animals.

With love

Ricardo Garé

Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, ThetaHealing Instructor and Holistic Veterinary.


Instagram: holisticvet-ricardogare