• Ricardo Gare


The word chakra or chacra in Sanskrit means wheel or vortex.

The chakras are colorful and round, funnel-shaped Energy Centers, responsible for the uptake and flow of energy in the body.

The dynamics of this abstraction and distribution work as follows.

The chakras capture the energy around us which is sent through energetic channels to the organs and the whole body.

These energetic channels are called meridians by Traditional Chinese Medicine and nadis by Ayurveda, medicine originating in India.

Reiki (learn more about reiki here) works mainly with the 7 main chakras. They control and energize the vital and vital organs of the physical body.

Ancient writings mention 88,000 chakras. This means that in the human body there is practically no point that is not energetically sensitive.

The chakras rotate with alternating clockwise and counterclockwise speed. The clockwise movement absorbs the energy, counterclockwise projects the energy.

Under normal conditions, a chakra rotates clockwise and counterclockwise in equal proportions, so the amount of energy entering it is approximately equal to that which comes out.

The faster you rotate the chakra, the greater the energy intensity is absorbed or radiated.

In each chakra are vibrations of all colors, however only one of these colors predominates.

When a chakra spins at an extremely fast speed, it appears as a dazzling spot of light.

The chakras are responsible for complex and numerous functions in the human body. It is through them that we lose energy when we are in physical, mental and emotional suffering, because each chakra is a collecting point of a certain area of ​​conflict and development.

The chakras have several important functions:

- absorb energy frequencies, feed the auric bodies and distribute this energy to the different regions of the organism;

- they control, energize the main and vital organs, being responsible for the proper functioning of the entire physical body;

- each chakra has its function and is connected to organs that perform functions in the emotional, psychic and spiritual.

The perfect functioning of the chakras is synonymous with perfect health and the opening of all levels is synonymous with evolution. It is what the Masters call enlightenment.

The activation of certain chakras can result in the development of certain psychic faculties. Ex: Chakra of the hands allows us to feel subtle energies and the frontal chakra enables us to clairvoyance and intuition.

The main chakras are seven and lie along a vertical axis in the front, being also present from the 2nd to the 6th chakra in the posterior region of the body. The energetic bodies are connected to these seven main chakras.

In Reiki we mainly use the chakras of the hands to transmit the Universal Energy, but we have other forms of sending Reiki too.

The good or bad functioning of the chakras act in nadis / meridians. The reverse is also true.

The seven main chakras:

1 - Basic (or Root) Chakra

Location: perineal region.

Color: red.

Gland that it energizes: Adrenal.

It controls, energizes, and invigorates the entire physical body, especially the skeletal and muscular systems, the spine, adrenal glands, kidneys, tissues, and internal organs.

It also influences the production and quality of blood produced, the sex organs, affects body temperature, general vitality and growth in children.

This chakra is open downward and represents the connection to the earth or to the material and physical world. It is linked to our earthly existence, to our survival.

Its malfunction manifests itself as arthritis, diseases of the spine and blood, cancer, leukemia, allergy, growth problems, low vitality, poor healing and fractures.

Also known as root chakra, the basic chakra is like the root of a tree. If the root is weak, the tree will also be weak. Thus, if the base chakra is weak, the body will also be very weak.

2 - Umbilical Chakra (also called Sexual)

Location: two fingers below the navel.

Orange color.

Gland that it energizes: Testicles and ovaries.

It affects the general vitality of the person. Its malfunction manifests itself as constipation, appendicitis, difficulty in childbirth, low vitality and all diseases related to the intestines.

This chakra is opened forward, also having a posterior vortex.

It is the chakra of reproduction, it represents the affective relations as far as sexual pleasure is concerned.

It is the chakra that concentrates the qualities linked to sexuality, curiosity, creative pursuit of material pleasure, taste for beautiful things, for art, for emotions and relationships with other individuals.

It is a fundamental chakra, whose correct activity allows us to love life, making it more pleasurable. Its malfunction can turn life into a little personal "hell" that ends up reflecting on the people we live with and relate to.

If the basic and navel chakras are not open in all their aspects, the other chakras will not be able to open completely and will function in a very restricted way.

3 - Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: area on the diaphragm.

Yellow color.

Gland that it energizes: Pancreas.

It controls and energizes the diaphragm, pancreas, liver, stomach, intestines and appendages.

It also affects the quality of blood because it controls and energizes the liver. Through the liver, the solar plexus controls the level of cholesterol in the body, thus affecting the condition of the heart.

It also regulates the temperature of the organism.

The solar plexus chakra is an energy compensation center. The whole body can be energized through it.

The solar plexus chakra represents the personality, and in it are concentrated the quality of the rational and personal mind, the vitality, the will to know and to learn, the action, the power, the desire to live, to communicate and to participate. It is the point of connection with other people.

It is a powerful chakra that promotes self-acceptance.

The malfunctioning of this chakra can be manifested as diabetes, ulcers, hepatitis, heart problems, allergy, sinusitis and insomnia.

4 - Heart chakra

Location: height of the sternum bone, in the center of the breast.

Green color.

Gland that energizes: Thymus.

When it is active, we relate to everything and everyone, accepting both positive and negative aspects, making us capable of loving unconditionally.

Only if this chakra is open and vitalized can we effectively be channels of healing.

Blocks in the heart chakra often result in mental symptoms and attitudes such as the imposition of conditions on love, jealousy, and selfishness.

The heart chakra energizes and controls the heart, thymus and the entire Circulatory System.

The malfunction of it manifests itself as diseases such as: panic syndrome, acidosis, palpitations, cardiac arrhythmia, flushing, high blood pressure, diseases of the lungs, problems in cholesterol level, poisoning, tension and cancer.

It is intimately connected through various energy channels to the solar plexus chakra. Malfunction of one can cause malfunction of the other.

5- Throat Chakra or Laryngeal

Location: Throat Center.

Color: light blue.

Gland that it energizes: Thyroid.

It controls and energizes the throat, thyroid glands, and the parathyroid glands and lymphatic system.

Its imbalance produces pathologies such as: susceptibility to viral or bacterial infections (tonsillitis, pharyngitis), colds, herpes, muscular pains in the region, pain

head lice, lymphatic congestion and dental problems.

This chakra participates in any psychophysical imbalance. Its physical center corresponds to thyroid.

It is the chakra of communication, sound and vibration, the capacity to receive and to assimilate. It relates to the senses of taste, hearing and smell.

It is the gateway to high consciousness and purification and it will be through the work of this chakra that we can begin the spiritual path as a result of being in communication with our higher essence.

This chakra is the psychological center of evolution, creativity, responsibility, initiative and self-discipline.

When in disharmony the fear of failure appears and we become potentially aggressive beings, adopting an instinctive attitude of self-defense.

6 - Front Chakra

Location: center of the forehead (in the region of the back of the body it is located a little down, at the height of the occipital bone, in the region of the nape).

Color: indigo blue.

Gland that it energizes: Pituitary

It controls and energizes the pituitary gland (pituitary gland), which directs the function of the other glands and the nervous system.

It represents intuition, clairvoyance and the audience in the field of the paranormal.

The imbalance of this chakra can manifest as loss of memory, paralysis, epilepsy, drug and alcohol addictions, eye problems (blindness, cataracts) and deafness.

The energizing of this chakra has the funnel effect, energizing the whole body.

It is the sense chakra. It is responsible for the energy of the upper part of the hair (above the nose), cranial part, eyes and ears.

When in disharmony it can affect these organs, in addition to being confused, in which ideas and concepts will not correspond with reality, obstructing our creative ideas; we are left with no logical reasoning and no ability to put our ideas into practice.

It is the psychological center for perception, knowledge and leadership. It establishes the connection between the spiritual mind and the physical brain.

7 - Crown Chakra

Location: top of the head.

Color: violet, gold and / or white.

Gland that it energizes: Pineal.

It also controls and energizes the brain.

It is the most important chakra and is the link between the spiritual mind and the physical brain, relating to our complete being and our cosmic reality.

It is associated with the connection of the person with his spirituality and the integration of the whole physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

His lack of balance implies a lack of understanding of the spiritual part, and will produce disorders such as insomnia, migraine, imbalances in the nervous system, hysteria, possession, obsession and neuroses.

The energization of the coronary chakra has the effect of energizing the entire body.

The seventh chakra is the light of knowledge and consciousness.

It is global vision of the universe.

It is our way of growth, enabling us to achieve spiritual serenity and complete universal consciousness.

With all this information we can better understand where our imbalances and our patients are!

With love

Ricardo Garé

ThetaHealing Instructor and Therapist, Reiki Master, Holistic Veterinary and Flower Essence Therapist