• Ricardo Gare

Dealing with the death of an animal

Hello friends!

Today I come to talk about a serious matter.

About the loss of an animal.

About pain, illness, attachment and detachment.

We love animals so much.

We love them as a member of our family. This is true and good.

What a great feeling for an animal. Love as a member of the family. No matter the species. In fact, this is the true path.

To love, to care for, to protect and to help in the spiritual way ... to help in the spiritual way ... that is what this text is about too, you will understand.

We love so much another being that when the time comes for his passing, his return to the true life, we sometimes suffer a lot.

The pain is huge and it does not seem to stop. Sometimes to the point of hurting so much that we become sick and / or we choose not to be the guardian of another, to avoid new pain.

My friends, this is called attachment. It is the Ego manifesting itself.

It's normal.

Yes! Sometimes it hurts so much!

It is difficult to break the energy bonds, like channels of light, that we wisely create and bind our bodies and spirits.

But it's gone. So let it really go.

Do not feed the pain.

And then we hear our Higher Self, our true spiritual consciousness giving a touch, saying:

"Hey, let it go, he's fine, he did what he had to do on this plane, do not suffer, everything will be alright!"

But again it hurts and we get stuck in what happened. We got sick. A psychic/mental illness and then physical.

Release. Understand that the animal you cared for, that you loved, protected, is on your evolutionary path.

He has to go through it.

You too.

Do not suffer so much, he will feel on the other side and can suffer too.

Wish the best for him, be open, for other pure beings, new brothers non-human animals in this world, another animal will need your love and care to guide you in this process.

Understand that this is the process.

Give love energy to him, be the best tutor possible, and when the time comes for passage, it becomes more important to emanate more love! Not pain. No regret and no attachment.

Love, just love. Knowing that the life he had was extremely important to him. Just like your help on the way. And he will remember. Yes!

Relieve your heart. Vibrate positive thoughts for those who are gone. Detach and be prepared to start over with the help of a new friend who comes into your life!

And I'm sure it will appear!

With love

Ricardo Garé

Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, ThetaHealing Instructor and Holistic Veterinary.