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Do animals absorb our energy and become ill?

Hello friends!

I hope you are well!

From now on I will make a new series of publications on the theme "Animals absorb our energy and can get sick".

In this text of today I will introduce and in the following I will talk about these aspects, dividing each text by a chakra (important energetic points present in every living being for the balance of several factors, you can read about them here).

A text by chakra and in it explaining that chakra, its aspects, organs and glands that it energizes, behavioral aspects and how they relate between our imbalances and the imbalances of dogs, cats, horses, birds and other animal species.

Remembering that we are also an animal species. Only to deconstruct this "human and animal" separation and misperception of superiority. OK? =)

Now a quick exercise. For it to work, it is very important that you be honest with yourself. You do not have to tell me the result. If you want you can also go there in the comments.

Exercise 1

Have you ever felt:

riled up





with remorse




low self esteem




Any time:

did you get the feeling that life is passing and nothing useful is happening?

have you ever caught yourself living or dwelling on past situations

Have you ever caught up with your mind in the future? What is going to happen? How will it be?

Have you noticed that you are having difficulty living only in the present?

who is constantly worrying about their financial situation? Will I have enough money?

Can not you do what you need in your day to day life?

do we need to compete with others to be successful?

Physically, you have had or felt:

back pains

sick in the stomach



difficulty breathing

sinutise, rhinitis

pain or pressure in the chest or heart region

heart problems


cancer / tumors

chronic inflammation

problems in the immune system

problems in the endocrine system (glands)

nervous system problems

pain or pressure in the shoulders or shoulder region

leg pain

he stumbles and twists his foot or feet

eye pain

pain or problems in the kidneys

pains when urinating

problems with sex organs

pain in the intestines

How was it? Any of the above?

Certainly, we have all felt or continue to feel more than one of the items I mentioned, most likely many of us have felt many of them for a long time.

Exercise 2

Now let's think about the times when we saw in nature an animal of any kind that is not human.

Attention! It is very important in this case that it be an animal living in nature. It may be one you see in parks, like birds.

Look at them in the wild or remember when you saw them and redo the same questions for all the items I quoted above about that or those animals.

What's up? How are these animals in nature?

Are they well?

Exercise 3 (and last)

Look for a nonhuman animal that lives with us or with human friends.

Take the above items and see if they present any of them?

How was it?

Just like us, they present several items too right?

What we can understand and learn from this?

Attention now, that this will be the basis of the next texts and a light to see with a new look and awareness the symptoms, diseases and imbalances of the animals that we are tutors

An animal in nature is not anxious, stressed, with crisis

of identity, in spiritual crisis. Does not list the items I quoted.

It does not present emotional and mental imbalances.

He is not worried about the past or the future.

These animals live only in the present.

They can use the mind as a tool to solve and avoid situations, prepare themselves in a practical way for something that will occur and avoid past mistakes, but they use the mind for it, which is very different from being stuck in it in the past and future. They use it, but they live constantly in the present.

Of course, there may be an animal with some physical and eventual emotional and mental problems, but not in the way people or animals that have contact with us.

Animals that have contact with us, with humans.

That's the answer.

The only nonhuman animals that exhibit these imbalances are those who have constant contact with us.

This is because they absorb our patterns of mental, emotional, and consequently energetic and physical imbalances.

When they absorb, they begin to reproduce.

Some reproduce as mirrors. For example, a human with renal insufficiency is guardian of a cat with renal insufficiency, or a human with gastritis is guardian of a dog with gastritis, etc.

In other cases, it does not work as a mirror, but it has to do with the unbalanced chakra in question and we will speak in the next texts, for example, a constantly irritated human is a guardian of a cat with kidney problems, or vice versa.

It can also be a human anxious to be a guardian of a dog with stomach problems, or the opposite again.

Is this relationship becoming clearer now? =)

This is because, because of the great love and compassion they feel for us, there is a very intense energy connection and they often absorb these imbalance patterns to cleanse us. They want us to be happy.

We should not feel guilty. Actually the last thing we should feel is guilt.

Guilt is an energy that does great harm to us and directly to them.

Let's change the blame for honest learning so we can improve, be happy, be more aware and give less work to them and others around.

All of this holds true for the relationship of human adults to human children or babies as well. The relationship is very similar.

Friends, here we begin to change our view of the symptoms and illness of nonhuman animals and ours.

We begin to play Light on the subject and in this way we become Conscious and we can act to change, be happy and truly help ourselves and we can help non-human animals as well.

In the next text I will talk about the basic chakra, its aspects, these relations that I spoke here and exercises to balance it.

See you later!

Ah! Leave your comments, questions and suggestions down there in the comments.

With love

Ricardo Garé

ThetaHealing Instructor and Therapist, Reiki Master, Holistic Veterinary and Flower Essence Therapist