• Ricardo Garé

Fear, anxiety, animal stress and Reiki

Recently I conducted an internet research on the main difficulties, imbalances that animals and guardians had or are having and how Reiki, ThetaHealing and Floral Essence could help, the 3 main answers were:

1 - Fear

2 - Anxiety

3 - Stress

These 3 responses usually came together (since it was possible to speak more than one symptom) and corresponded to almost 50% of the mentioned imbalances.

The interesting thing is that in the symptoms and challenges of tutors (guardians), the pattern and responses were very similar.

I have long understood a very similar pattern of imbalances between humans and animals that we care for and coexist with, as a mirror, and these responses demonstrated that too.

Within the Energetic System of the Chakras, fear, anxiety and stress unbalance mainly 3 chakras: basic, sexual and solar plexus.

The Basic (or Root) Chakra is also responsible for all issues related to experiencing the physical plane, vitality and energizes the adrenal glands.

The Sexual Chakra is related to sexuality, creativity, emotions, unconscious aspects and energizes testicles and ovaries.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is connected to mental, conscious issues, it is our esteem, sense of security or insecurity and because it is linked to mental issues, it is directly linked to anxiety and want to control situations.

Physically, the symptoms of the imbalance of these 3 chakras, arising from fear, anxiety and stress patterns are increased adrenaline/cortisol, back pain, joints, muscles and imbalances in the kidneys, intestines, bladder, ovaries, uterus, stomach, pancreas, liver and spleen.

What I notice is that much of the effectiveness, even physical Reiki is due precisely to this energy source.

The main positions of application of Reiki are made on top of the 7 main chakras and when we balance them it is facilitated so that the animal or person changes their emotional, mental, and spiritual patterns, as well as changes their posture in face of the challenges and that way the physical improvement as well.

It is interesting to note that already at Level 1 of a Reiki course, when applying Reiki to an animal, it is already perceived a great change and improvement of it and that anyone can learn and do Reiki.

I discovered Reiki 15 years ago and since then I use it daily in the most varied situations, as a veterinarian, therapist of people, personal questions and self-knowledge.

Reiki can assist in the healing process of the animals and their tutors.

With love

Ricardo Garé

ThetaHealing Instructor and Therapist, Reiki Master, Holistic Veterinary and Flower Essence Therapist