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How to do a good Animal Reiki?

One of the keys to making a great reiki in animals is to address it devoid of the mistaken thought that we, human animals are a more evolved species or we are a more evolved spirit.

There is no more evolved species or spirit.

Each species plays its part with the same importance. I do not know how to play other species and they do not know how to make mine.

We all have the same importance.

In the same way there is no such thing as spiritual classes or levels.

A Spiritual Consciousness is free and unlimited. It can choose to live the experience of life, this film, theater, which we call life in the biological body that will best play the virtues, learnings and role that it wants to express, learn and perform and that can happen in any kind, whatever, expand your horizons.

In that way, treat all beings with the same importance and respect, knowing that deep down, behind that appearance, you are dealing with a Spiritual Consciousness like yours, but that is just expressing yourself different from you at that moment.

Approaching a non-human animal to do Reiki with this posture makes it much easier and Reiki becomes much more effective.

With love

Ricardo Garé

Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, ThetaHealing Instructor and Holistic Veterinary.


Instagram: holisticvet-ricardogare