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Root Chakra - animals can absorb our energy - anger, irritation, fear, spine, kidney problems

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In the previous text on the theme Do animals absorb our energy and become ill?, I talked about this relationship and I put some examples of how this happens.

Today I give continuity, speaking of this relation, absorption and illness related to the Basic Chakra.

The information I bring is from books on the subject, plus my sensitive experiences with Reiki, Animal Intuitive Communication and ThetaHealing

In short, chakra in Sanskrit means vortex or wheel and is part of the energetic system that every being has.

They originate at points where there is the crossing of energetic lines through the body. Hindus and Tibetans call these energy lines Nadis and the Chinese call them meridians.

When these lines intersect, there is a large accumulation of energy and this brings forth an energetic vortex, which is the chakras.


Location: Perineum region / base of spine (in nonhuman animals it is the same. The tail-tip chakra is another chakra, a secondary chakra).

Color: red.

Gland that it energizes: Suprarenal.

Element; Earth

Mantra: LAM

Associated energy body: physical / etheric (also called double-etheric)

Musical Note: Do

4 petals in humans. In the other species it is not known. (Each petal is actually an energetic channel that passes through the chakra, so in that chakra there are 4 energetic channels passing through it).

It controls, energizes and invigorates the entire physical body, especially the skeletal and muscular systems, the spine, the adrenal glands, kidneys, the final portion of the intestine (rectum), prostate, anus, tissues and internal organs.

It also influences the production and quality of blood produced, the sex organs, affects body temperature, general vitality and growth in children.

This chakra is open downward and represents the connection of man to the Earth or to the material and physical world. It is linked to our earthly existence, to our survival, stability, ability to live on the material plane, material issues, money, beliefs of abundance or scarcity and ability to live in the present.

For nonhuman animals it is also related to survival, connection with the Earth and experience of material life.

There are reports that animals that are predated possess this larger chakra, as these animals need to fight or flee more consistently and effectively. The basic chakra energizes the adrenal glands, which release adrenaline, a hormone that among its functions is that of the fight / flight mechanism.

It is unbalanced by feeling insecure, difficult to live in the present emotional instability, constant irritation, fury, brutality, unbelief, fear, anxiety, terror, lack of control, attachment, materialism, lack of material care, guilt, violence, pain and difficulty in dealing with death.

These aspects unbalance this chakra, which in turn favors these aspects to continue, creating a circle. It takes some tool to get out of it and work it out. Be with Reiki, Meditation, ThetaHealing, Floral, Yoga, Mindfulness, etc.

Physically its malfunction manifests itself as arthritis, diseases of the spine and blood, cancer, leukemia, allergy, growth problems, low vitality, anemia, overweight, low blood pressure, fatigue, poor muscle tone, circulation problems, imbalance in body temperature, leukemia, nervous tension, poor healing and fractures.

Also known as root chakra, the basic chakra is like the root of a tree. If the root is weak, the tree will also be weak. Thus, if the base chakra is weak, the body will also be very weak.

And how does the issue of animals of non-human species get sick?

The chakras of animals of nonhuman species that live with us resonate with ours and they begin to present the behavioral patterns concerning the imbalance of that chakra or the physical symptoms, which is already the final stage and more advanced.

A symptom is the intelligence of the body demonstrating that something is not well and needs urgently to be cared for and healed.

Some animals can work just like a mirror.

A human has a herniated disc and the nonhuman animal has the same disc herniation.

Tutor with kidney problem and dog or cat with kidney problem and so on.

Also holds for the emotions. Angry, stressed tutor and angry and stressed non-human animal.

Other non-human animals absorb, but not as mirrors. They present other aspects related to the chakra.


Angry tutor, dog with kidney or spine problem.

Taker with anemia, cat with adrenal problems.

Is this relationship of the chakras becoming clear personal?

It is very important for us to understand this relationship of energy absorption that occurs between them and us.

Remembering that when another being wants to help us too much, like a dog and his guardian for example, he may end up absorbing too much, but he does not manifest an imbalance out of nowhere.

Very important to follow:

If he absorbs an irritation pattern of mine and expresses irritation as well, it means that the vibration of my irritation probably connected with the vibration of his irritation, even if it is less than mine.

There are cases, of course, that the environment where he lives is very heavy.

In this case, this heavy environment may have an energetic influence on his health.

It is a different process.

Our balanced chakra also helps to balance theirs. So it is very important to always look at our issues.

Here is an exercise and mantra / affirmation to balance this chakra:

Exercise 1: walk barefoot on grass and dirt.

Exercise 2: Sit with your back on a tree.

Exercise 3: View roots coming out of the basic chakra toward the ground and also see roots coming out from the feet to the ground. Inspiring and exhaling. Visualize these roots going deep into the soil, to the center of the Earth. When inhaling the air, feed on that energy, like a tree. When exhaling the air, release all tension, irritation and concern for the ground.

Mantra / affirmation to do and repeat: I am rooted and present in my life.

In the next text I will talk about the sexual chakra (also called umbilical), its aspects, these relations that I spoke here and exercises to balance it.

That Reiki can assist in the healing process of the animals and their tutors.

See you later!

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With love

Ricardo Garé

Veterinary and Master in Health Sciences from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of USP (San Paulo University - Brazil)

Master in Reiki, Professional Animal Communicator, ThetaHealing Instructor