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Testimonial: Veterinary Family Constellation with dog Renzo

The following was written by the tutor herself after a Veterinary Family Constellation service performed by our team's professional Isis de Oliveira.

“The constellation brought me a new perspective on my relationship with my puppy, Renzo, on our energy exchange.

There was clarification regarding the questions he carries (which are his), his own ancestry; which greatly diminished my sense of “guilt”, of being responsible for absorbing a large part of my problems and, as a result, becoming ill.

The constellation made me aware that he came to my family with a joint mission with mine, because we have similar problems.

He came to resolve issues that converge with issues that are my ancestry as well and the patterns of anxious behavior that he manifests, and that I have been repeating, are repetitive patterns in my family.

The constellation made me aware that I must cut this type of behavior out of my family system so that it does not perpetuate itself in my descendants.

Renzo entered my system because he already comes with this mission in his own system.

His illness served as an alert for me to wake up to our own issues; for my role, which is to break with this repetitive pattern.

After the constellation, the next day, Renzo had a seizure, a catharsis. Since then, he has had no further crisis.

There is still little time to say that he will not have more crises. Especially because it continues with a whole treatment aside, but, I think we took a big step, if not to cure, to understand the origin of this process and the search for solutions.

I already felt a first great result in him: at least he freed himself from my burden, from my weight that he carried.

He's much more serene, calm.

On the other hand, I have been having my own catharsis; I have been feeling a lot of pain in my body, (mainly in the back), a lot of headaches, a great tiredness.

Now I'm starting to improve.

This process brought to light, I believe, the cause of his illness and what I need to look for to rescue my family's mental health.

After much struggle, the constellation opened a door for us, a light.

I am very hopeful that Renzo will now find the peace and health that he so deserves. "

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