The main translation of the word Reiki in the West is Universal Vital (Rei: universe, Ki: vital energy), and can be understood as universal energy driven by vital energy.


Reiki is transmitted by the hands to the patient, and can be transmitted through the eyes. It is a holistic therapy, complementary, integrative and, at some specific times, alternative.


Reiki Therapy aims to restore the physical, mental and emotional balance of the energy system of the body, acting directly on the cause and on the dysfunction that generated the disease or imbalance. Among the indications of Reiki Therapy are:


• Improve behavioral imbalance;

• Reduce stress;

• Cease or relieve pain;

• Accelerate the healing process;

• Improvement of the immune and endocrinological system;

• Decreased side effects of chemotherapy and other drugs;

• Prevention of physical, emotional and mental illness and dysfunctions.


Nonhuman animals are very sensitive to situations and energy, being very common them absorbing the energy of their caretaker.


Reiki is a type of technique created in humans and needs to be adapted to animals, as they sometimes react differently. When doing Reiki on Animals, do your best, respect the animal will in how, how long and how they want to receive the Reiki. Some prefer distance, others prefer contact, others prefer to stay walking, but it is never a rule, because the same animal can change the way he wants Reiki in the

another session.


A good Reikian with animals knows how to appreciate and feel what the animal is showing to be better, always respecting his will and space.

A good Reiki also learns with nonhuman animals to live without-adjusting themselves and to be left without a decision and a conduct, where, often unconsciously, there is a tendency to subscribe to a situation that is not an important thing .

Love, good energy and affection

for you and your partner