Sexual Chakra - animals absorb our energy - emotions, pleasure / sadness in living, testicles and ovaries


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In the previous text on the theme “Animals absorb our energy and get sick”, I talked about the functions of the root (basic) chakra, its aspects, organs that energizes and when an animal absorbs the unbalanced pattern of that chakra of a human, in what ways it can present itself in that physical and behavioral symptoms.


Today I will speak of this relationship, absorption and illness related to the Sexual Chakra, also called Umbilical Chakra.


To remember or to know more about the Chakras, I told them here, by video here and the animals here.


In short, chakra in Sanskrit means vortex or wheel and is part of the energetic system that every being has.


They originate at points where there is the crossing of energetic lines through the body. Hindus and Tibetans call these energy lines Nadis and the Chinese call them meridians.


When these lines intersect, there is a large accumulation of energy and this brings forth an energetic vortex, which is the chakras.




Location: two fingers below the navel. A vortex facing the front of the body and another vortex facing behind the body.

Orange color.

Glands that it energizes: Testicles and ovaries.

Water element

Mantra: VAM

Associated energy body: emotional

6 petals in humans. In the other species it is not known. (Each petal is actually an energetic channel that passes through the chakra, so in that chakra there are 6 energetic channels passing through it).


It is the chakra related to pleasure and joy of living.


Chakra of emotions.


Creativity, desires and sexual energy are also linked.


It is the chakra of reproduction, it represents the affective relations as far as sexual pleasure is concerned.

It is the chakra that concentrates the qualities linked to sexuality, curiosity, creative pursuit of material pleasure, taste for beautiful things, for art, for emotions and relationships with other individuals.

It is a fundamental chakra, whose correct activity allows us to love life, making it more pleasurable.

Its malfunction can turn life into a little personal "hell" that ends up reflecting on the people we live with and relate to.


This unbalanced chakra manifests itself as constipation, appendicitis, difficulty in childbirth, low vitality and all diseases related to the intestines.


If the basic and sexual chakras are not open in all their aspects, the other chakras will not be able to open completely and will function in a very restricted way.


Some aspects that unbalance this chakra are: too emotional, possessive love, mental confusion, impressionable people, selfishness, ego-driven actions, exaggerated aggression, exacerbated eroticism more or less, shame, mental dispersion, permanent stress, living in the past, without joy, without satisfaction.


These aspects unbalance this chakra, which in turn, unbalanced, reinforces these aspects, creating an endless circle.

It takes some healing and self-knowledge tool to change it, such as Reiki, ThetaHealing, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, floral therapies, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.


As spoken in earlier texts (quoted in the beginning of the story), nonhuman animals absorb the balanced and unbalanced vibrations of humans.

They absorb people's emotional and mental patterns.


If we are balanced we will help them to balance.

If we are unbalanced we will influence and unbalance them.


I realize that a non-human animal in free life is rarely in imbalance and presents the dysfunctions cited here. The nonhuman animals that exhibit these dysfunctions are just the ones that live with humans.


A non-human animal who lives with a tutor who has intense emotional imbalances can absorb this vibration and the same chakra, in this case, sexual, can enter into imbalance and he presents the same emotional problems or present in the form of physical dysfunctions of the organs that this chakra energizes, such as testicles, ovaries, bladder, uterus, intestines, etc.


It may also occur from a human with a physical dysfunction concerning that chakra to energetically influence the non-human animal and this non-human animal to develop the same physical symptom or to develop the behavioral malfunctions cited.


Do you understand how this relationship works?


If we want to help our fellow humans and other non-human animals, we must begin by helping us, by balancing ourselves.


We should also avoid feeling guilty. Guilt is another energy that unbalances.

It is their choice, for the love they feel for us, to play this role.

In all reports of intuitive animal communication they have shown that they do not want to see us suffering. They want to see us happy.


Remembering that the functions of the non-human animal chakras are the same as ours and they have the same chakras, with the addition of the brachial chakra.


Exercise 1: Meditation with attention to abdominal breathing


You can set a timer to let you know when the meditation is over.

You can start with 5 minutes, then increase to 10 minutes, 15 minutes and feel free to make more time yet.


Sit down comfortably.

Release the air, inhale and breathe three times, releasing all the tension, worry and stress as you let the air out.


Place one or two hands over your belly button and notice the movement of the belly as you inhale and exhale.

Breathing in the belly grows.

Breathing the belly back to normal.

Put all your attention on your hand (or your hands) in the belly, noticing the breath.

Stay the rest of the time in this awareness of your hands in the belly, in the movement of the belly with the breath and the breath.

At the end thank you, start moving slowly, get up and continue the day.


Mantra / affirmation to do and repeat: I enjoy living.


See you later!


Ah! Leave your comments, questions and suggestions down there in the comments.


With love

Ricardo Garé

ThetaHealing Instructor and Therapist, Reiki Master, Holistic Veterinary and Flower Essence Therapist



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