Systemic Veterinary Constellation or Veterinary Family Constellation is an integrative path that uses a brief psychotherapeutic method with a systemic and phenomenological approach, applied to the multispecies family. It allows us to identify and correlate entanglements (unconscious patterns) that permeate the family system and that can reflect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of non-human animals, leading to imbalances.


The Veterinary Systemic Constellations come from the Family Constellations systematized by Bert Hellinger, integrated to vast studies such as those of Rupert Sheldrake, Jacob Levy Moreno, Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Melanie Klein, among others.


Nonhuman animals, out of love and similarity, signal, in the form of imbalances, these hidden issues of the family system in an attempt to make us look at our issues, so that there is some movement within the system. The same occurs when we unconsciously place them in places in the family that are not theirs, often humanizing them and preventing them from living in their potential as a non-human animal species.


It is a path of awareness about the relationship between human and non-human animals and brings to light how deep this connection is, promoting an improvement in the quality of life for both and contributing to the flow of love to flow as much as possible in the family system.


We can look at our family system and ask the following questions:


"What does this imbalance of the nonhuman animal mean to me?"


"What unconscious patterns in my system am I repeating out of loyalty to my ancestors and that is leading to the manifestation of this imbalance?"


”What is the place of the non-human animal in the system? Do I allow him to express the potential of his being as a non-human animal species or do I put him in roles that are not his? ”


"What attitude should I take towards life so that the non-human animal no longer needs to act as a signal for the issues in my system?"

The indications for systemic veterinary constellations are diverse. Amongst them:


Animals that constantly get sick;

Who have tumor, endocrine, allergic diseases;

Chronic diseases, degenerative autoimmune diseases;

Neurological disorders such as epileptic conditions, seizures, syncope;

Who fall ill with a mirror pattern with a family member (ex:

human with cancer and animal too);

Who have emotional imbalance: anxious, depressed, stressed, aggressive, fearful, listless;

In terminal phase;

Dramatic cases of loss of an animal;

Mourning process in the face of the death of an animal;

Animals with indication of euthanasia / dysthanasia / orthothanasia / palliative care.


Systemic care promotes, among others:


Improvement in the quality of life of human and non-human animals;

Greater connection with the non-human animal;

Greater awareness of interspecies relationships and improvement in the quality of relationships;

Awareness of individual processes and their relationship with the multispecies family system;

Self-responsibility for the processes themselves.


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